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Moqui Mix Bean Soup with Spices A delightful tasty blend of 11 specially selected beans.
A perfect accent for any meal any time.

No Meat Products, No Added Sugar, No MSG, No Wheat, No Dairy and Gluten Free.

These Beans are a treat for your family to eat. Just rinse under water and cook with slow heat. A crock pot is best. You can cook them all day for family and friends. They taste best that way. The rest is quite easy. Just throw in the spices. Get all the nutrition with none of the vises.

Directions: Rinse Beans thoroughly, then combine with spices in 10 cups of water.
Crock Pot: Cook on medium-high for 6 hours or longer, until tender. Stove top: Simmer 4 hours, covered, and watch water level.

Ingredients: 1 lb. beans, onion, garlic salt and spices.

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